About This Blog

I am Lion's Tooth (formerly Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf). I went through the NWTA in Oct 1999 at Camp Krem (Santa Cruz, CA).

I am the Northern California Area enrollment coordinator, in the ManKind Project. Why do I tell you this? So you will know where I stand in the organization.

My mission is to create a world of love by loving.

Intention. My intention is to open a channel to the world regarding NWTA and MKP. I have offered this to many men in my own community and have seen men change their lives; to become more of what they want, live lives of integrity, honor, love, heart, fatherhood, and brotherhood.

This blog serves me as a place to offer men what I have gotten from the NWTA, MKP, my iGroup, and my work. I offer it to you in love and hope that you will find your space among these men.

I offer this to you. What do you have to lose?

Results (Other Men's Experiences). If this speaks to you, and you decide to attend the NWTA, I would love to hear your experience. Post your experience here.

Dedication. I dedicate this blog to the memory of my elder-father, Little Crow, 1933-2004. May you return soon.

"Every thought you have, every thing you do, every breath you take affects the universe. It goes out into the universe and each and every thing is touched by it and affected by it... Isn't that an amazement! I am affecting the universe with my mere breath. With just my breath I am affecting the universe."

Disclaimer. This blog represents my own opinions regarding the NWTA and MKP. They are neither sanctioned nor approved by MKP. I claim ownership and accountability for my words only, not the words of "commenters." I make "I" statements, as much as possible. Anytime I represent facts or "data" regarding the NWTA and MKP, it is my view and it is meant to be accurate. The names; NEW WARRIOR, NWTA, NEW WARRIOR® TRAINING ADVENTURE, and The ManKind Project are trademarks owned and protected by the MANKIND PROJECT® (MKP). MKP is also the owner of copyright in the various programs and processes used in its workshops and other presentations. No official connection to or affiliation with MKP is claimed or intended to be suggested here. The ManKind Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation.