I Sit and Wonder

Today, I celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of my oldest daughter. I took time and energy and love and faith. We stuck to it and she is my oldest daughter.

This day every year is also the anniversary on the attack on Pearl Harbor. Seventy-five years ago, today.

So, I sit and wonder what would have been had the Allied Forces not turned back the Germans and Japanese in later years. Where would I be? Who would I be?

The world turns around us and we ride it. We move along with it. We make choices. We remember how things were and how they could have been.

Today, I remember that my oldest and I are together in this world maybe because of the Allied Forces, and maybe not. I remember to pause today to hold all these warriors in my heart. All of them, not just the Allied Forces.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf 

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