I Sit and Wonder

Today, I celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of my oldest daughter. I took time and energy and love and faith. We stuck to it and she is my oldest daughter.

This day every year is also the anniversary on the attack on Pearl Harbor. Seventy-five years ago, today.

So, I sit and wonder what would have been had the Allied Forces not turned back the Germans and Japanese in later years. Where would I be? Who would I be?

The world turns around us and we ride it. We move along with it. We make choices. We remember how things were and how they could have been.

Today, I remember that my oldest and I are together in this world maybe because of the Allied Forces, and maybe not. I remember to pause today to hold all these warriors in my heart. All of them, not just the Allied Forces.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf 


How Long Will You Run?

"We have to face the pain we have been running from. In fact, we need to learn to rest in it and let its searing power transform us." ~ Charlotte Joko Beck

There is that point in time where we have to look at our pain. I am looking at it, now, in my life.
I am pausing in it to let the pain be felt and let it be the part of me that has been screaming for my attention for forty-one years.

Your pain is real. You can feel it if you stop for just a moment and let it call to you. It is calling you for your attention...and you let it keep calling...and it never goes away.

For me a deep, gaping, childhood wound that can no longer be denied or hushed or ignored or even wrestled with. It needs me to sit and hear it cry out. It needs me to say, "yes, I hear you."

What is your deep pain? Are you ready to look at it?

In the ManKind Project, we will stand with you while you say, "yes, I hear you."

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf 


Strength of Character

This will carry me through the day. I would buy this man a scotch in a heartbeat!

"Being manly is not about your strength..it's about your strength of character. You want to be a real man, then respect the women in your life." ~ Steve Hofstetter

I'm out.

Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf


The Monster in Me

Boysen Hodgson, MKPUSA communication man, is live on the Internet talking MKP, men, and whatever else comes up. Tune in Weds, Jan 20 @ 3:30pm eastern time. Maybe he'll mention the NWTA....ummmm, you bet he will! Call in and ask him a question. I dare ya!

See http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inspiredmasculine/2016/01/20/the-monster-in-me.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf


We are...

We are about celebrating masculinity, we are about teaching integrity and accountability.

We are about laughter and tears.

We are about the pleasures of sonhood, fatherhood, brotherhood, and even cousinhood.

We are certainly about friendship.

We dare you and challenge you and bless you to come into our space and play with us.

We are about the joy of being a man.

We are the ManKind Project; men helping men be better men.
For more details or answers to your questions, message me here or see ManKindProject.org.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf  


Sportmanship & Intergity

Sportmanship is more than doing the right thing. It's about integrity. When I do the right thing even though it may be unpopular or I may lose, then I am living in my most integral self; in sportsmanship.

Think about the last time you saw this kind of thing on the playing field. Maybe in baseball, where it is clear everyone in the stadium knows the correct call but the team who benefits does not step up to say what is right. It happens in all sports at all levels.

In the ManKind Project, we look at how and where we live our lives in and out of integrity. We learn to own what we do, how we do it, and how it affects the world around us.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf


In the Fire of Change

"It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me and not shrink back."

From The Invitation, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer


What I want to know is if you will stand with me in the fire of change.

Will you stand with me and change the things in you that don't work; that hold you down; that you fear; that keep you small and safe from rejection. Will you stand with me while I do the same?

In the ManKind Project, men stand together in the fire of change; working and sweating and dragging change into today, kicking and screaming. Sometimes, it isn't pretty to see at the time. But in the light of discovery and reflection, men find lasting change that they can carry into tomorrow.

Will you stand, with me, in the fire of change?

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf