A Man's Quest

"A man must go on a quest to discover the sacred fire, in the sanctuary of his own belly to ignite the flame in his heart, to fuel the blaze in the hearth, to rekindle his ardor for the Earth.
Sam Keen

Men are not born men, but born boys. We must travel the terrain of coming male maturity with caution, bravado, fear, reluctance, joy, and passion. What stands in the way is the fear of losing our childhood security (imagined or real, as it may be).

What does a man have to give up to stand as a mature man in his mature masculine? What does a man need to look at letting go of to then grasp the maturity his body aches for?

In the ManKind Project, men are encouraged to look at what they need to do to step into a male maturity that is honoring of the man, as well as the world around him.

Men are not born men, but born boys. The world does not need more adult-sized boys running around pretending to be men. Rather, the world needs men to take their place as boys who have stepped into manhood in a courageous, fiery, honoring way.

The time is now; men are waiting.
I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Not a Cult

I find it pretty amazing how many people seem to attach the word "cult" to any organization that has a limited membership. The a ManKind Project has a limited membership. Men.

Is the AARP a cult because it is limited to folks over 50? Oh, and the Girls Scouts are for girls. Man, that is some risky stuff, putting girls together without boys to keep it equal (sarcasm intended).

I found this great blog article (below) that pretty much dispels the cult issue for MKP. Not that there ever was one to begin with...

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

The ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend

by Rion on 04/05/2011

My first foray into Men’s Work started when I was 28. I had met some men in my community that were heads and shoulders above the majority of the population in characteristics such as appropriate self-confidence, integrity, awareness, and life purpose. They inspired me to become like them. When I asked a few of them, they responded with suggestions like Mentoring, Rites of Passage, and Initiation. All sounded good to me, so I asked where to sign up. Several of the men all talked about men’s group, men’s work, and encouraged me to check out an organization with whom all had done an initiation weekend: The Mankind Project.

I was encouraged not to take any of the dogma too seriously, but to examine what they were aiming at and find opportunity for personal reflection and growth. They knew me well enough to know that my rebel would find any authoritarian dogma and just shut my ears to the wisdom, no matter how transformational it might be. I am sworn to confidentiality about what actually happens in the weekend, but I can assure you there is no circle-jerk, animal sacrifice or blood-letting. That disclaimer aside, the work is nothing short of miraculous. What I witnessed in my fellow man that weekend brought me to tears, shouts of rage, utter awe, and beaming pride. If you question what it is to be a man, how to bond with men beyond sports, chasing women or getting drunk, your questions will be answered.

Let me clarify on one this one point: Mankind Project is not a New Age, Touchy-Feely, Crystals and Meditation Organization. Mankind Project is getting to the core of being a man: including but not limited to our judgements of our own anger, sex, lies, bullshit, purpose, and confusion. If you want to know what is holding you back from being the man you were born to be, you will get a chance to look into a mirror so unobscured by distortion, you will probably look away in denial. The great thing about this work and this organization is that the weekend is just a gateway. It is opening up the door, looking inside, and seeing some parts of yourself – your shadow – that maybe you didn’t even know existed. It’s about being given a chance to examine what the word “integrity” means and to see how much of a man of integrity you really are. It is the opportunity to do the work to transform yourself into the powerful, brave man you were destined to become. It is the opportunity for you to examine and destroy old stereotypes and myths of what being a man never was even though you forced yourself to live up to such impossible standards. Most of all, it is the opportunity to be loved, accepted, and seen, just as you are, by a group of men, without judgement.

After the initiation weekend, Mankind Project provides meetings on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your location. Here you get to continue to do the work, get reflection, and have a safe place to express your emotion, challenges and accomplishments. I have had the joy of recommending this weekend to several of my brothers in the community, and was floored to see their experiences seemingly more transformational than my own. There are several men in my life who I would love to see engage in this weekend, but have such a stigma around what these types of workshops are, they consider themselves above it or it having no use. It is to these types of men that I specifically make this appeal: If you are interested in living your purpose, knowing your dark side, and being the best man you can be in your relationships, your job, and your play, enroll in the Mankind Project’s Initiation: The Mankind Project Warrior Weekend.