Tough Mudder & the NWTA

I recently completed the 12 mile, 24 obstacle, Tough Mudder at Patterson, CA.

On October 10th I celebrated 13 years since my New Warrior Training Adventure.

They were both significant for me in that each was a leap of faith.

The NWTA was a leap of faith because I was stepping into a place where I had to trust myself and other men. At the time when that was a huge stretch for me.

Tough Mudder was a leap into a mental and physical place I had never pushed myself to. I stepped into the commitment of doing something completely outside my comfort zone. I trained for nine months.

Today I am stronger than I had ever been; I run far farther, lift more weight, push harder; all of this on the heels of double-bypass, open-heart surgery two years ago. I could run two miles when I started out, but the weekend before the Mudder, I ran eight. I could barely do 20 sit-ups, now I can do 1000. Every day, I looked at myself differently as I gained strength, power, endurance, and self-love; yes, self-love. I found the more I gained the more joy and love I felt for what I, and my body, was capable of achieving.

For me, MKP, the NWTA, and Tough Mudder are tied together as one. Without doing my work in MKP and the NWTA, I know I would not be the man I am today: strong of heart, body, and soul. I developed, and am still developing, into the man I knew was in there but had no idea how to get to.

Would I do Tough Mudder again? You bet! I am already training for next September's event near Tahoe, CA. Maybe I will see you out there!

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

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