The Time is NOW!

When men say NO to bullying, of any kind, the world will be joyous for boys and girls like this boy here.

This is my story, too. From as young as I can remember to 28 years old I was bullied by boys, girls, men and women. I looked like a happy boy to my parents, but at school, I was just trying to survive.

Is this what we want for our children?

When I invite you to the ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure, it's not to get anything from you or convince you of anything. I do it because men can save the world, if they choose to do that. You are the man we need to stand with us and say the time is NOW!

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf


In Stronger Service to the World

I have people ask me about my men's group quite often....What is it? What do you do? Why? Here's great piece of text that helps explain a ManKind Project men's IGroup.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

Guiding Principles of a Men’s Group
By Owen Marcus

Circle of Brothers

We live a new vision of being a man. Through ceremony and practice, we initiate each man deeper into full maturity. Going beyond friends, we develop the intimacy that only comes from integrity. The wholeness that occurs from each man being a leader connecting to something beyond himself creates a group of sustaining success in all aspects of life.

Fierce Love

We challenge and support each other, often in the same breath. The energy created is palpable, able to penetrate deflection. We care and feel “sweetly held” by each other. We are willing to give our love freely. We offer each other our compassionate truth. We name the unspoken and are willing to put relationships at risk for the sake of truth and growth. We create the energy necessary to constantly become superior men.

Our Container
In the sanctuary of the group, we maintain safety and complete confidentiality – which raises the bar to be free in the circle. We hold ourselves, and each other, to our individual and collective commitments. We ask for what we want. We honor and value each other, often with laughter and tears. We ‘let it rip’ with purpose and vision. With our intuition and love, we sense the dissonance and deflect the deflection. Through our ability to be present with others and ourselves, we accept that we sit in a ‘circle of mirrors’ feeling how truth resonates through the circle.

Bringing Our Full Self
We share from our gut, heart, and full body. We are willing to go “all in”. We are open to the moment, with unguarded humbleness. We move into our bodies, bringing a willingness to reveal and express our feelings. We surrender into feeling, owning our emotions. We tap the richness of our unconscious and our dark side and manifest that energy into positive awareness and action. We value depth over breadth. We step into our fear, risk vulnerability and move forward without collapsing. We notice and appreciate what is working in our lives. We courageously bring our unguarded optimism and affirm our ability to manifest our intentions.

What We Bring Into the World
We gain energy in our time together, each carrying this energy back into his life. We feel deep gratitude and see more beauty in the world. We feel a stronger connection to ourselves, to our surroundings, and to our environment. We accelerate change in our lives and step clear of victimhood. We feel a stronger connection to ourselves, our family and community, and a deeper connection to our sexuality. Our lives are improved and we stand in stronger service to the world. We offer this love to our planet as the seed for the change we model.