Journey to Manhood

From A Journey to the Wilderness of the Soul, by Larry Pesavento

"Manhood demands a journey. Manhood demands a test, not testosterone. Manhood does not come automatically, growing as the body grows. This journey of manhood is perilous and painful. The outcome cannot be planned or controlled, and is shrouded in paradox. The journey must be done with a man's eyes open, consciously and continually choosing a path that leads away from the familiar and the secure.

The journey is a psychospiritual one that demands modern man's attention. Society's and the world's survival depends on men consciously taking up this mission toward inner wisdom and purpose. Men who do not take the journey are dangerous men. Burned out men are dangerous men."

Listen, the way I see it is that men are left behind to find their way from boyhood to manhood without a path. Well, no path that I wanted, anyway.

No woman, no TV show, no movie, and no book is going to take you down the path to manhood. Men help boys, young men, and other men to step cleanly into manhood; simple as that. It is not easy. It requires you look at where you are and it requires you to walk away from being a child.

There are men who are willing to lead men to manhood; they are ManKind Project men. They are men who see the value in you; in your future contribution or destruction to the planet; in your participation in society, or lack of; in your heart.

Is today the day your say to yourself "I need to be among men who will guide me, listen to me, honor me, care about me, challenge me and everything I have going"?

Step up, men are waiting.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf


Once in a Life

"Once in a life, you can find a time to see,
And you get to turn it down, turn around, temporary sanity
And then the mountain disappears without a trace,
All it took, was a sudden leap of faith."

Kenny Loggins, Leap of Faith


I had this time in my life; where I had to gather my courage and make the leap.

The leap was gigantic. I had to summon up all my courage to dive into a men's organization that didn't make the rules for me. The ManKind Project doesn't tell me the rules for my life, I have to make them for myself. There are men to support my decisions; but none to tell me what to do.

I made the leap and now I am grateful to the men who held out their arms to catch me, stand me up, and say "now do it for yourself."

Will you leap? There are over 45,000 men there to catch you, me included.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf