"If the prince had not kissed Snow White—if instead he had sniped at her, 'What the hell are you doing still sleeping!?!'— then she would not have awoken. It is not those who judge and condemn us, but rather those who bless and forgive us, who awaken us from our lower nature and return us to our better selves."

Marianne Williamson, from The Gift of Change; ISBN 978-0060585341

Waking up is what men's work is about; waking up from the voices, the spells and messages, that have kept you down and small, whether those voices are yours or from others.

At the New Warrior Training Adventure, men will hold a safe space for you while you look at those voices; while you awaken and cast off the spell.

The ManKind Project is filled with good men willing to bless you with their hearts and knowledge of the awakening.

Is it time for you to awaken?

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

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