You Are the Cause

"The cause of your problem is sitting right there in your seat. You are the cause of your problem, whatever it might be. At some point you will finally realize, hopefully, that you have put yourself in that position. Whether it is jay-walking, spitting on the sidewalk, having socially unacceptable sex, using drugs, drinking and driving, spending, cheating, lying, stealing, whatever it is, you are at the crux of it. You are the problem, as is the person next to you. If we believe in a God that has given us life and we continue to do things which destroy our energy, our mind, body and spirit, then we are the problem. It isn't God. It isn't Satan. It isn't the government. It isn't anybody else. It's us."

Little Crow, 1933-2004; from The Sacred Hill Within, ISBN: 0-9635440-5-5

What more is there to say? Can you get behind taking responsibility for where you are right now?

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

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