I'm Am Sure I Won't Hurt Them

"An oncologist once asked, "Since you're not trained in psychotherapy, how do you know you won't do these patients [patients in Siegel's cancer group, ECaP] harm? I replied, "I love them. I may not help, but I'm sure I won't hurt them."

Bernie Siegel; from Love, Medicine, & Miracles, ISBN: 978-0060919832

In a Mankind Project integration group, we are men of all backgrounds and titles. I suppose there are groups that have a therapist attending, but I am not aware of one.

We are not trained in psychotherapy. We use common group methods to reach into our hearts to do work around making us better, stronger, graceful, fiercely loving men.We concentrate on truth, honesty, integrity, accountability, and the basic emotions of joy, anger, sadness, and fear.We take deep looks into why we are who we are and what we want to do with that knowledge.We support each other in finding the ways that work best for each man.

I don't think we do any harm by loving a man or caring for him and his world.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

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