Your NWTA and MKP Experience

Readers: This post provides real men's experiences for you to read. I gain these contributions by asking fellow MKP men to contribute. Depending on how you get here you may need to click on the comments link below to see the contributions.

ManKind Project Men: The intention here is for MKP men to share with this blog's readers their experiences with the ManKind Project and the New Warrior Training Adventure; share the changes, the journey, the insights, whatever moves in you. I would like to see every initiated man post his experience with NWTA. A man can dream, can't he? Since it's easiest to post as anonymous (no Blogger account needed), please sign the end of your post with your animal name, NWTA location, and date. Click on the comments link, below, to leave your piece.

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There Was No Path

"The great myths show that when you follow somebody else’s path, you go astray. The hero has to set off by himself, leaving the old world and the old ways behind. He must venture into the darkness of the unknown, where there is no map and no clear route. He must fight his own monsters, not somebody else’s, explore his own labyrinth, and endure his own ordeal before he can find what is missing in his life.

Thus transfigured, he can bring something of value to the world that has been left behind. But if the knight finds himself riding along an already established track, he is simply following in somebody else’s footsteps and will not have an adventure. In the words of the Old French text of The Quest of the Holy Grail, if he wants to succeed, he must enter the forest “at a point that he, himself, had chosen, where it was darkest and there was no path.”

The wasteland in the Grail legend is a place where people live inauthentic lives, blindly following the norms of their society and doing only what other people expect."

From The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness by Karen Armstrong

When you attend the New Warrior Training Adventure, you will find a place to take a journey into your unknown. There is a place in your life when you must take this path into the unknown.

I can't tell you when this will happen. But, I can tell you this. If you don't, you might as well just sign on to be someone else for the rest of your life. Does that sound like the path you want?

If not, then now is the time to sign up and walk the unknown path that is the New Warrior Training Adventure.

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I'm Am Sure I Won't Hurt Them

"An oncologist once asked, "Since you're not trained in psychotherapy, how do you know you won't do these patients [patients in Siegel's cancer group, ECaP] harm? I replied, "I love them. I may not help, but I'm sure I won't hurt them."

Bernie Siegel; from Love, Medicine, & Miracles, ISBN: 978-0060919832

In a Mankind Project integration group, we are men of all backgrounds and titles. I suppose there are groups that have a therapist attending, but I am not aware of one.

We are not trained in psychotherapy. We use common group methods to reach into our hearts to do work around making us better, stronger, graceful, fiercely loving men.We concentrate on truth, honesty, integrity, accountability, and the basic emotions of joy, anger, sadness, and fear.We take deep looks into why we are who we are and what we want to do with that knowledge.We support each other in finding the ways that work best for each man.

I don't think we do any harm by loving a man or caring for him and his world.

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Camper Parts Can Change Your Life

One man's voice on the New Warrior Training Adventure from The Worlds of carl Michael rossi:

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"A good part of the reason that I am here in Chicago is due to the New Warrior Training Adventure. I was visiting my family here in Chicago for the Christmas holidays when the camper, in which I had been traveling across the US in search of my next home, broke down. While I waited for the necessary parts I thought I was "stuck" here, and looked for ways to fill the 6 weeks it ended up taking to get the parts.

One of the things that happened as I filled the time, was I met a man. And he saw in me how truly stuck I was, and how my wandering wasn't getting me unstuck. He suggested I call a men's group called New Warriors. One thing I was aware of was how much I wanted a connection with men. No, how much I wanted to learn to be a man.

The short is, I went to "the weekend". And learned enough about myself that I wanted to stay for the 3 months of follow-up meetings with the men I had "gone through with."

That was in February of 1996. Eight years later I'm still here. Still growing. Still learning more about me. It's been the single most unexpected wonderful journey of my life...so far."


You Are the Cause

"The cause of your problem is sitting right there in your seat. You are the cause of your problem, whatever it might be. At some point you will finally realize, hopefully, that you have put yourself in that position. Whether it is jay-walking, spitting on the sidewalk, having socially unacceptable sex, using drugs, drinking and driving, spending, cheating, lying, stealing, whatever it is, you are at the crux of it. You are the problem, as is the person next to you. If we believe in a God that has given us life and we continue to do things which destroy our energy, our mind, body and spirit, then we are the problem. It isn't God. It isn't Satan. It isn't the government. It isn't anybody else. It's us."

Little Crow, 1933-2004; from The Sacred Hill Within, ISBN: 0-9635440-5-5

What more is there to say? Can you get behind taking responsibility for where you are right now?

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From Defeated to Renewed

I wanted to share this great piece from Tim Riggs who recently completed the NWTA.

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From Defeated to Renewed

By Tim “Laughing Raven” Riggs

Tim Riggs DEFEATED…That’s what I was when I arrived at the September New Warrior Training at Camp WaRiKi. I felt defeated for many reasons. I have never had a good male role model in my life. I have always felt belittled and not equal to other men. This has been so bad that I felt worthless and angry most of the time.

Besides feeling defeated I have to say that I was really frightened. What was I afraid of? I was afraid that I was wasting my money attending a camp for men. I was afraid that I was getting in over my head, and would not be able to do what was required. I was afraid of being unable to reach my goals.

A very good friend and counselor, Dan Turano, had been telling me for over a year that this group was just what I was looking for. Even though I completely trusted Dan I had a hard time believing that a group of men whom I had never met would, or could, show support and care about me.

I have to say that the weekend was transformative. I am NOT the same person who arrived defeated and afraid. The men working at the camp demonstrated to me that they really did care about me. I felt that they heard what I had to say. I felt that they wanted me to become the man I really wanted to be. I finally felt accepted by a group of men. I was surprised that they wanted me, not because I could do something for them, not because I had something they wanted, but because they gave a damn about the man behind the pain and fear.

All of my problems are not gone. I cannot say that because of this camp that life is perfect now, however, these men gave me something no one has ever cared to. They gave me hope, and because of that hope I am now a New Warrior. I left the camp feeling a renewed sense of self. An internal peace seems to have replaced the fear, and acceptance has replaced the anger.

I cannot believe the quality of the men who worked at the camp. These men left me feeling humbled and in awe. I was humbled that they came to serve and care for me. I was in awe that they accepted me for who and what I am. Honestly, as I type this I am still amazed at the quality of the men at the camp. I am honored to be a part of these men. They are, and have, inspired me to become the man I want to be. That man is a reflection of each of them.

If you ever wonder why you do this camp I’ll tell you: you do it for men like me, who are lost. You do it for men like me, who are in pain. You do it for men like me, who are afraid.

So thank you, Dan Turano, for directing me to MKP. Indeed, thank you to every man who worked at this camp, and thank you to all of the New Warriors who went through this camp with me. I appreciate the support, the caring attitude and acceptance shown to me! Most of all Thank you for the hope! Because of this camp, and because of all of your hard work I am…RENEWED!



In the ManKind Project, I press my self to be of service to the world in whatever way I can.

Today, "being of service" is to pass on a really fun and powerful service project called "Movember." It goes like this:

"Each Movember we challenge men to change their appearance and the face of men's health by growing a moustache. The moustache is our ribbon, the means by which we raise awareness and funds for cancers that affect men. Much like the commitment to run or walk for charity, our commitment is to grow a moustache for 30 days. Funds raised benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.

I ask you to step up to support men supporting other men in a good way by visiting the website and growing a moustache!

I would join you, but I already have a beard and mustache (that are dyed black for the Giants!).

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Stark Light of Love

The piece below speaks to the way men work in an MKP Intergration Group (the weekly group after the NWTA).

It is honest, forthright, unyielding in it's love and support. We hold each other up to the light of loving scrutiny to see what does and doesn't work in our lives.

What would it take for you to really look at what works for you and what doesn't?

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"The Way of the Superior Man"
By David Deida

"About once a week, you should sit down with your closest men friends and discuss what you are doing in your life and what you are afraid of doing. The conversation should be short and simple. You should state where you are at. Then, your friends should give you a behavioral experiment, something you can do that will reveal something to you, or grant more freedom in your life."

Your close friends should be willing to challenge your mediocrity by suggesting a concrete action you can perform that will pop you out of your rut, one way or the other. And you must be willing to offer them your brutal honesty, in the same way, if you are all to grow. If you are at your edge, your men friends should respect that, but not let you off the hook. They should honor your fears, and, in love, continue to goad you beyond them, without pushing you.

If you merely want support from your friends without challenge, it bespeaks an unresolved issue you may have with your father, whether he is alive or dead. The father force is the force of loving challenge and guidance. Without this masculine force in your life, your direction becomes unchecked, and you are liable to meander in the mush of your own ambiguity and indecision. Your closest friends can provide the stark light of love - uncompromised by a fearful Mr. Nice act - by which you can see the direction you really want to go.

Choose men friends who themselves are living at their edge, facing their fears and living just beyond them. Men of this kind can love you without protecting you from the necessary confrontation with reality that your life involves. You should be able to trust that these friends will tell you about your life as they see it, offer you a specific action which will shed light on your own position, and give you the support necessary to live in the freedom just beyond your edge, which is not always, or even usually, comfortable."