Between Love and Fear

"The choice between love and fear is the eternal choice, the never-ending demand, the longest running show on Broadway. We make that decision with each intention that we make our own, and with it bring into our experience wonderful-feeling constructive consequences (love) or painful destructive consequences (fear)."

Gary Zukav

When a man steps into attending the New Warrior Training Adventure, he steps into a place he may have never been before. For sure, there will be challenges. I can tell you that those challenges are as individual as snowflakes. Each man walks the line of fear differently than another.

What Gary talks about above is choice. You, as a man, can choose to live in fear or love. You are the only one who makes that choice. It is completely in your hands.  Does that sound foreign to you?

I hear excuses to live in fear from other men all the time.....you should hear what goes on in my head sometimes. But it is up to each man, me included, to live in love and not in fear.

So take a moment and look at where you are not showing up because of fear. Where do you not show up because you have chosen fear over love? Where do you become complicit with fear? Where can you choose love?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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