No Excuses!

In my ManKind Project Integration Group (iGroup), we often do work around what is working and not working in our lives.

About a year ago, I took a hard look at using excuses and how excuses were keeping me from making steps forward in my life. I had just finished a book called Excuses Begone by Dr. Wayne Dyer and was feeling particularly empowered with the message.

We meet in a room that, during the day, is a day care for smaller children. I happened across a toy that we in my home and in my IGroup we refer to as Cha Cha Man (he's the guy in the photo). I was very drawn to the metaphor of him cutting away at my excuses; exposing them to me.

Cha Cha Man has become a fixture in our circle. He rises up and hacks at an excuse when me or another man uses an excuse to hide from his integrity or when one of us says "I don't know" to why we said or did something that is not congruent with our beliefs or words.

The "Cha Cha" is the sound he makes--well we make the sound for him--as his sword comes down when you press his head down. The sound is not like how you would say the dance words but more like sound of an axe...with a bit of a break between the words

So, I offer Cha Cha Man to you. If you click on the photo above, you can see him in full size. I offer you can save him as a desktop on your computer, like below. Use him how you like.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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  1. I'm impressed. We all need a Cha Cha to keep us honest.