Letting Go of the Outcome


I got to thinking this morning...thinking about ripples.

I have touched many men with my ripples. I, too, get very motivated by my ripples and share that with many men.

What I wanted to share from these thoughts is the idea of letting go of the outcome. When I talk to a man about ManKind Project or write in my blog about MKP, I do not put any value on whether he will or won't do anything with it. That way I can be honest and come from my feelings and heart. When I used to come from a place of valuing the outcome (gee I really hope he gets this...or I hope he doesn't freak out over the term new warrior), I would not be clear and honest and I would check what I said to try to get the outcome I wanted. I believe every man who I talked with in this way could feel the energy of me needing an outcome and that may have tainted the experience for him.

Right now, I have a friend who is attending my IGroup. I asked him to come and sit out of love for him and his place in the world. I have not mentioned the training except in passing. I am being there for him in a way he needs now. He needs a circle of men to support him in his life right now. Will he attend the training...I do not care nor know.

To me, this used to be very conscious stuff. I had to think about how I could let go of the outcome. But now, with practice, I have come to a place where I speak to men and women about MKP with heart and not with any expectation.

So, just like anything else...I leave you with that and you may do with it as you please. I hope it will help you see that you have the power to be a man who invites men out of love and not out of "what can I get or what if..."

One last thought...the ripples...are you the man who invites the man who invites President Obama? Are you the man who invites the man who says no? Are you that man that invites the man who attends and leaves out of fear? Are you the man who invites the man who later embraces you with love and joy for your stretching out to him?

All I am saying is this...invite a man from your heart and let go.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Your actions and words are a blessing.

  2. Blessings on you, Randall. I love this in every way.

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