Shooting at Men's Work

"The media has tried to paint things differently. The most powerful enemies of men's openness are the corporate men. Three or four years ago there were hundreds of posters in New York one spring saying, "You don't need to beat a drum or hug a tree to be a man." At the bottom: "Dewar's Whiskey." The corporate world dares to say to young men, knowing how much young men want to be men, that the only requirement for manhood is to become an alcoholic. That's disgusting. It's a tiny indication of the ammunition aimed at men who try to learn to talk or to feel."

Robert Bly, from An Interview with Robert Bly; Part 8; Men's Work

I cringe at this example of how corporate America would have us believe men should be. Well, men should surely all be gym-buffed, hairless-bodied, beardless, desert-island surviving, drinking, screaming fools with no souls. Harsh? I don't think so.

Or maybe we should chart our own course and tell the men who would shoot us down for it to get to the New Warrior Training Adventure weekend and find for themselves what it is they are trying to annihilate; since it isn't us.

Men are all things in all ways, shapes, sizes, and ideas. We are all men to start with, even the corporate men; that much I am sure of.

Men are waiting....

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


No Excuses!

In my ManKind Project Integration Group (iGroup), we often do work around what is working and not working in our lives.

About a year ago, I took a hard look at using excuses and how excuses were keeping me from making steps forward in my life. I had just finished a book called Excuses Begone by Dr. Wayne Dyer and was feeling particularly empowered with the message.

We meet in a room that, during the day, is a day care for smaller children. I happened across a toy that we in my home and in my IGroup we refer to as Cha Cha Man (he's the guy in the photo). I was very drawn to the metaphor of him cutting away at my excuses; exposing them to me.

Cha Cha Man has become a fixture in our circle. He rises up and hacks at an excuse when me or another man uses an excuse to hide from his integrity or when one of us says "I don't know" to why we said or did something that is not congruent with our beliefs or words.

The "Cha Cha" is the sound he makes--well we make the sound for him--as his sword comes down when you press his head down. The sound is not like how you would say the dance words but more like sound of an axe...with a bit of a break between the words

So, I offer Cha Cha Man to you. If you click on the photo above, you can see him in full size. I offer you can save him as a desktop on your computer, like below. Use him how you like.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Men in a Sacred Men's Circle

A men's circle is a magical place where change happens in small places inside our souls; sometimes without our awareness until a later time went the light clicks on and we realize the change. Other times, the shift is gigantic and we are blown from our seats with such force as to alter the entire room's energy.

I see these changes happen every week in my ManKind Project men's circle.

I hope one day you will join me there.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

What is a Sacred Men's Circle?

By Jack Clarke

It’s men taking conscious responsibility for their own lives, not blaming others for their problems.

It’s men who deliberately decide to learn and grow.

It’s men that don’t have to be right, except for themselves.

It’s men seeing problems as lessons, perhaps in a long series of lives and lessons.

It’s men who believe we are what we think we are, and can change ourselves by changing our thinking.

It’s men that feel they can change the world by changing themselves, not by trying to change others.

It’s men who search for strength from the universe by going inside themselves.

It’s men that recognize love doesn't have to have conditions attached.

It’s men loving and knowing themselves in order to better know and love others.

It’s men who see others as not better than nor less than, but rather different than themselves, yet part of the same whole.

It’s men that choose their own path rather than follow dogma.

It’s men honoring your right to your own path, not theirs.

It’s men who realize that now is all we have, since yesterday is just a thought and so is tomorrow.

It’s men interested in owning themselves rather than things.

It’s men who see joy in life rather than pain, having experienced enough pain already.

It’s men curious about extra sensory perception and all it implies.

It’s men in all walks of life, from business persons to flower essence healers, psychologists to UFO investigators.