Baseball in Southern Michigan

I was born in the heart of Tiger baseball land in southern Michigan.

I was raised watching my grandma Dot cook while listening to Tiger baseball on the crackling old AM radio. My grandma loved baseball and listened to most every game with her Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand.

Part of that memory, for me, was Ernie Harwell's voice telling me "a big Tiger Hello from Tiger Stadium," who was up to bat, and the stats, and when that ball was "loooonnng gone"!

I found this great video essay on the last days of Tiger Stadium with thoughts by Ernie Harwell and it brought back some bittersweet memories.

It was good to be a boy in southern Michigan in the summer listening to baseball on an that old AM radio. Hmmmmmm...sad to see him go. I hope every day is a twilight double-header wherever you are Ernie. And it's all Al Kaline, Norm Cash, Aurelio Rodriguez, and Willie Horton; all day and all night.

So long, Ernie!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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