Baseball in Southern Michigan

I was born in the heart of Tiger baseball land in southern Michigan.

I was raised watching my grandma Dot cook while listening to Tiger baseball on the crackling old AM radio. My grandma loved baseball and listened to most every game with her Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand.

Part of that memory, for me, was Ernie Harwell's voice telling me "a big Tiger Hello from Tiger Stadium," who was up to bat, and the stats, and when that ball was "loooonnng gone"!

I found this great video essay on the last days of Tiger Stadium with thoughts by Ernie Harwell and it brought back some bittersweet memories.

It was good to be a boy in southern Michigan in the summer listening to baseball on an that old AM radio. Hmmmmmm...sad to see him go. I hope every day is a twilight double-header wherever you are Ernie. And it's all Al Kaline, Norm Cash, Aurelio Rodriguez, and Willie Horton; all day and all night.

So long, Ernie!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


The Small Voice

From the ManKind Project NWTA page:

Who Comes to the Training?

"During your training you will stand shoulder to shoulder with an immensely rich mix of masculinity, with occupations and ages as wide as masculinity itself. Whether they're corporate executives or high school students, all come to share a common understanding that their lives as men can be empowered with greater focus and direction, and that this personal initiation into manhood is crucial to their full development as men.

Some men come to heal. Some men come to find role models for positive and mature masculinity. Some men come to explore their Leadership abilities and expand their skills. Some men come to make a conscious transition for adolescent life to the life of a man. Some men come to find peace of mind in their transition to elder-hood. All men come because a small voice within them lets them know when it's time."

When I went through my NWTA, in Oct 1999, I was looking for more. More me, more friendship among men, more maturity, more accountability, more of who I wanted to be but could only seem to briefly glimpse.

I could blame my past experiences on any number of people and circumstances, but in the end it was my life and I needed a direction.

There was small voice lingering in there that said it was time to get off the mat and go. It was time for change and the voice kept after me for about a year.

The NWTA and MKP did not change me or the voice....I did that. But I did that with MKP men around me that I learned I could trust. They had my back in a number of ways and not least of which was telling me I was full of shit on more than one occasion.

I see all manner of men come to the NWTA and MKP. Do they have anything in common....not so much...except that small voice that they can no longer ignore.

Stop ignoring the voice and see what the ManKind Project has to offer you.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Anthropos Rising

Don Jones is a former Chairman of the Mankind Project International and an elder in the community of men. His leadership and love are greatly appreciated by this man.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

As published at MenStuff.org.

Anthropos Rising

by Don Jones

The Anthropos is rising!
The age-old, original man is coming to claim us
from our shadow imitations of manhood!

Patriarchal Man is dying!
You know him well--the one who feeds on dominance
over women and children--
The one who lords it over other men,
And who rapes even the earth itself in the godawful illusion
that he owns even Her.

Macho Man is a zombie--
a walking dead man who tries to keep himself alive
by worshipping fire power.
He stalks the earth with grotesque bravado,
threatening the life of everything that breathes,
unable to connect with anything except out of his Killer.

Mercenary Man is a joke!
He has substituted money for the true riches of life,
and has lost any sense of mission other than the bottom line.
His days are numbered, and his feverish grip upon Things
will never save him.

The Anthropos is rising!
The gates of history are swinging wide to welcome
The New Man, The True Man, The Whole Man!
The man who loves woman, not in the tired, old seductive way,
but genuinely from the heart, and joins with her in the embrace of equality!
The one who loves and nurtures little children because
he sees in them the seeds of a new world in the making!
The one who blesses and does not curse other men because
they are the courageous brother warriors whose saving mission
is the same as his own!

The man who reverences the earth, and protects Her,
and helps Her become the majestic Mother Garden
she was intended to be from the beginning.

The Anthropos is rising! The Anthropos is rising!
I beg, I plead with you to welcome with me
the rising of the Anthropos--the Man who though long in coming
is striding through the gates even now!