Reflections of an Evolution

Looking back it seems that this year has been the single-most evolutionary year of my life.

I have lost loved ones. I have seen a loved one battle and win against a brain cancer no one has yet to survive. I basked in the joy of having my uncle come and live with my family for three months and then experienced the pain of having him pass just two months later.

I fought, loved, struggled, and adored my wife-my best friend-through so much this year. I have made many strides forward this year, and always my best friend is with me.

I chose a path of no-more-excuses and have seen that make a world of difference in my life. I learned that my thoughts make me who I am and what my experience is. I am changing the thoughts and my life is changing around them.

I have taken the steps toward a financial venture that will lead me off the beaten path of 9-5 toward working an hour or less a day at home and making more than I could have ever imagined just two years ago. The goal is to be with my best friend and my two girls and not look back one day and wish it were different.

I have seen this blog grow into a source of pride for me. In almost five years of writing I have seen it grow to more than 10,000 visits this year from only 5,000 the year before. This writing provides me a place to share what this work looks like to and it provides you my experience and my take on the ManKind Project.

I celebrated ten years in the ManKind Project by staffing a New Warrior Training Adventure; my first in six years; third in ten years. The blessings were tremendous and it renewed my vision of what men can be do.

I am blessed to be a part of the Northern California center. The men here do not seem to understand the word "can't." This warrior song speaks to how I feel about about the calling of the ManKind Project. When you stand in a circle, you never stand alone!

This year, I was asked twice to appear on a radio show to talk about the ManKind Project and what it looks like to me (here and here). I felt honored and full of pride to speak about the wonder that is the ManKind Project.

It has been an evolutionary year. I am taken back at how much was in this year. All of it I am thankful for. For without it, I would not know the joy I know today.

To you all; I wish peace and love and joy; that the next year brings you closer to knowing your sacredness and your beautiful and unique place in the this universe; and the knowledge that men can, and do, stand together to create a world of love, honor, integrity, and peace.


I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Randall, thanks for this blog. I stop by here often and have sent me to read your writings. I wish you the best new year of your life.


  2. Anonymous1/25/2010

    Thanks for being such a powerful teacher and inspiration. You ARE changing the world. My time with you at the November staffing won't be forgotten. Thanks for challenging me to clear when I thought that I had nothing to clear. Pure gold!!
    Gratitude for you in my life,
    Chris G
    Screaming Bald Eagle