Staffing the NCal November NWTA, Part 7; 85 men

An on-going series of posts around my staffing of the next MKP NWTA in Northern California. I thought it would be interesting and enlightening to follow how this all works and you'll get to ride along on what it looks like to put on an NWTA from one man's experience...mine.

There are no words that I can use to express my gratitude and love for the men on the November Northern California MKP NWTA.

We came together on Thursday evening to create space for 35 men to complete their NWTA. 35 men came and 35 men got what they came for.

I saw 35 Uninitiated Men step into the hardest, deepest stuff one can imagine. I saw 40 Staff Men put up their best to be there for the new Initiated Men. I saw 10 Men of Service men feed all of us with great love and care. I saw amazing things.

When we all walked away on Sunday, I saw 85 changed men. 85 men who came together to share an experience that words cannot describe. 85 men who walk and speak and feel differently than they did just a few days ago.

Are you the next next man?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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