Staffing the NCal November NWTA, Part 5

An on-going series of posts around my staffing of the next MKP NWTA in Northern California. I thought it would be interesting and enlightening to follow how this all works and you'll get to ride along on what it looks like to put on an NWTA from one man's experience...mine.

Well, only about two weeks before November NCal NWTA.

The men who are going through the training get to the site in Nevada City later on Friday afternoon. Staff, on the other hand, start arriving on Thursday around 2 pm.

I guess you could call this site preparation. There's a lot to set up and getting organized. Teams of men meet to work out the parts the work on and the timing of certain parts. The entire staff meets several times to get coordinated and meet each other.

All day Friday is spent doing much the same thing....working on getting ready for the men to arrive.

Food is prepared by a staff on men we refer to as the Men of Service. These men spend the entire weekend in the kitchen preparing food for all the men on site.

All in all there are 55 men working to serve the training to 36 men.

I have several pieces to participate in during the weekend. I am learning them now and understanding the intention behind each one so I can be in the right space when the time comes.

17 days out.

See you in part 6!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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