Staffing the NCal November NWTA, Part 2

An on-going series of posts around my staffing of the next MKP NWTA in Northern California. I thought it would be interesting and enlightening to follow how this all works and you'll get to ride along on what it looks like to put on an NWTA from one man's experience...mine.

Today, I sent in my "paperwork" to the man who handles all the administration for the NWTA I am staffing.

I needed to fill in an extensive medical form; the usual questions about my health and habits. Also, there's a section dealing with mental issues; depression, therapy, suicide, and the like. The attendees fill in the same form. All the forms are screened by an Medical Doctor for issues and flagged for follow-up, if need be. I signed it, no problem.

Another form around ethics and what I agree to around the attendees and the men I am staffing with. Basically, I agree to not enter into any financial, business, therapeutic, or sexual relationships with any man who does the training for six months. This is because men who attend the training may see me in the light of experience or power just because I am a "staff man." I signed it, no problem.

The last form was the standard liability release. Ya know, I fall down and get hurt, it's my deal. I signed it, no problem.

I did not send in the $100 fee, yet. I don't have it. I am asking my iGroup to financially help me get to the training. That's one of the great things I learned doing this work...ask for what I need. I am taking an 8% pay cut over the next year, so things are tight at my house. I have helped men get to the training as staff men and as attendees. And now, I am asking men to help me help other men. It's a wonderful thing.

Now, I wait to see what my part will be in the training and contact the other staff men to work out a carpool up to the training.

See you in part 3.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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