Staffing the NCal November NWTA, Part 1

An on-going series of posts around my staffing of the next MKP NWTA in Northern California. I thought it would be interesting and enlightening to follow how this all works and you'll get to ride along on what it looks like to put on an NWTA from one man's experience...mine.

I signed up to staff my third NWTA as a way to honor my tenth anniversary of my NWTA; October 10, 1999. I have staffed twice before; December 2001 and May 2003.

I got signed up just in time and waited for a week to hear if I was accepted to staff. I heard, via e-mail, that I have been added to the staff. So, here I am today, 64 days from the November NCal NWTA.

I feel grateful, honored, and have some fear about stepping into this training. I will be asking my IGroup men to help me with the cost. Each staff member pays a small fee to be of service to the men who are coming to their NWTA.

I am picturing the men who are coming to the training. I wonder if they feel the change coming? Do they feel the future changing in front of them? It is for me!

Catch you in part 2!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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