"The group is about men finding their magnificence, their wonder, and their power. Yes, we look at all the parts of us and that includes looking at our shadows. In the end we are focused on knowing who we truly are and maximizing the best of us."

ManKind Project Four Stone Circle iGroup, Northern California

My ManKind Project iGroup, the Four Stone Circle, meets every Thursday night. It is the follow-up to the NWTA. What we do in the circle is continue to build on what was created for each of us in the training weekend.

For some men, it is getting into old pain or beliefs that hold them back. For others, it is about getting to know who they really are by letting go of being right or perfect or pretending to be who they aren't to be accepted by someone else. For others, it is getting what they need in a myriad of other ways.

The bottom line is, in the ManKind Project, there is support after the experiential NWTA weekend. There's a landing pad to go as far as you need to complete, or continue to make, whatever changes you feel are needed for you.

When will you stop making excuses not to attend?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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