First Pitch & NWTA

I love this photo! Why?....for so many reasons.

I have loved baseball all my life and my Tigers are leading the ALC.

A black president throwing out the first pitch at the All-Star game; which not that many years ago was a white-only affair.

President Obama showed up to pitch in his White Sox jacket (at the Cardinals' stadium), because, as he said, he is a life-long Sox fan and his wife thinks he looks good in the jacket. Two great reasons to be yourself!

I admire that President Obama spoke his truth and said baseball is not his game...he never played organized baseball. I haven't either and I am very good at the game and love it.

What's all this got to do with the NWTA and MKP?

Men are supported in standing in their power and grace in the MKP. In the NWTA, men are asked to take a look at where they are and where they say they are and where they want to go. I see that President Obama shows up in this way.

Do yours all match up? Come...be supported...find your path.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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