Livin' Live on the Radio

"Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It's the one & only thing you have to offer." Barbara Kingsolver


Update: So it went well....you can hear it here.

This week, on Feb 27, 2009 at noon PST, I will be having a live radio conversation about my experiences in the ManKind Project, my New Warrior Training Adventure, and in my weekly integration group.

I invite you to listen in live to KDRT 95.7 FM at http://davismediaaccess.org:8000/kdrt.m3u or catch a rebroadcast on Sunday, Mar 1 at 3 pm or Tuesday, Mar 3 at 11 am, or download the program at http://www.kdrt.org/station/archives/138.

I hope you enjoy the show!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


What it Means to be a New Warrior

This article speaks about a man and his vision of what a New Warrior is.

I like it. That's why I am posting it, again.

I hope you get something from it.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Becoming Warriors for the Environment and Our Health

From Remineralize the Earth, Peter J. Sullivan

This morning I had an opportunity to revisit the archives and other articles that have been recently posted on the web page here. It is heartening to think that we are picking up the baton of remineralizing the earth from the articles that were written about 10 years ago. The need was critical then but is so much more critical now. One article was: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

I want to articulate the energy of being an advocate for the environment and what we are all trying to do through this Forum and web site. I have recently participated and been initiated into the Mankind Project. The web site is: www.mkp.org I was introduced into this by David Yarrow and would like to offer an article about putting it in the context of our becoming "new warriors". I am also talking about "building health from the ground up", to grow food that has all the minerals and energy in it that will best sustain us in the challenges we face. The dominant culture we live in does not recognize the life sustaining focus of natural healing and the message of "Let food by thy medicine!'" May we take inspiration from our united efforts here and continue to "fight the good fight".

What is a "Warrior"?

In some times and places, being a "warrior" has been associated with physical war, and the warrior is the one who fights in war. Historically, we have thought of the "warrior" as this physical type of warrior, fighting in wars and protecting the women, children and property closer to home. The negative side of this role is the warrior who wants to be superior and dominant over others, to serve himself or his own tribe at the expense of all others.

The world can no longer tolerate the dominant warrior. Our weapons are too destructive. There's too much at stake.

There is another kind of warrior: one who knows that the toughest battle isn't with the "enemy" out there, but knows that the essential battles to be fought take place in our own hearts. This warrior takes responsibility for his own heart, mind and action, and acts to make a difference in the lives of his family, friends and community.

Even though this other type of warrior has been around for centuries, we call him the "new warrior" to differentiate him from the old, destructive ways, and because he's new to us; we're still rediscovering him. We have seen some models of the new warrior, in men like Ghandi or Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. Perhaps you know some warriors in your own life, men of extraordinary courage, who have made a conscious choice to live their truths, and who hold a vision of what men could do, and be. Men like these are creating a global change in our consciousness. Sometimes this puts them at risk--a vision ahead of its time can be unpopular, even dangerous. The New Warrior lives on the cutting edge of risk and change to manifest his vision into the universe.

The way of the New Warrior is to wake up. To live a life of integrity, of conscious choice. Integrity is an unswerving love of the truth and a willingness to live it. Conscious choice means being awake, moment to moment, with the intention to live my mission here, now, today.

The New Warrior takes time for contemplation, is curious, has a flexible mind and generous heart, and works to practice and cultivate these qualities. Many times, we limit ourselves and act unconsciously, perpetuating our bad habits, when we deny the truth about our own suffering and vulnerability. This weekend initiates men into having the courage to be more truthful about themselves.

If we deny our ugliness, we lessen our beauty. If we deny our fear, we minimize our courage. If we deny our greed, we reduce our generosity. Our work is about owning our shadows in order to bring forth our light. We do this primarily by accepting personal responsibility for our choices, connecting in our own way to the mystery at the core, opening our hearts to healing and living a sacred mission of service through action in the world.

Our full potential is more than most of us can ever imagine.

We are naive if we expect a charismatic leader to come solve our problems or heal the dysfunction in our world. The warrior doesn't blame others for his problems, nor leave it to others to solve them. It is now up to us, one man at a time, to create a safe and compassionate world for ourselves and our loved ones--and the generations to come.

Do you get what it means to be a warrior?

The New Warrior believes that each man has the potential to make a profound difference in our world.

Are you the one? Are you that man?


Peter J. Sullivan


Cult Rant

It is amazing how many people use "cult" and "ManKind Project" in the same Internet search. It happens all the time. Maybe thirty percent of the hits this blog gets are from searches using cult and MKP together.

So what comes up for me is that men are somehow getting the message that ManKind Project may be a cult.

Well, that's just a bunch of crap. I can't imagine a more non-cult organization.

MKP fosters:
  • Men to follow their path and not someone else's
  • Living in integrity with word and mission
  • Opening a man's space to seeing the world around him; quite opposite to many men's view
  • Listening to the man to hear him and help him reach his desires and goals
  • Community service by way of a man's mission in the world
  • Relationship healing by giving men a place to explore what keeps them separate and how to heal that separation
  • An environment of learning, healing, and honoring through brotherhood
Cult, my butt. MKP is not a cult. Period.

To those who say that MKP is a cult and that I would only defend it because I can't see that it is -- I am willing to bet you don't have first hand experience with a cult (so you wouldn't know one if you saw it) and I am willing to bet you only believe what someone has told you (not your first-hand knowledge; probably not theirs either).

Give yourself permission to get past the fear and jump into being the man you dream of being.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf