Seven Happy Gems

This piece from Very Happy Phil (gotta love this man's blog title) tells how he encounters the ManKind Project and the New Warrior Training Adventure.

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7 Happy Gems! New Warrior Training!
from Very Happy Phil

Here are a few of the things which happy people have been proven to have;
1) Meaningful purpose
2) Goals
3) Supportive unconditionally loving friend(s)
4) Awareness of feelings
5) Acceptance of all feelings/emotion (positive and non positive)
6) Self love
7) Learn knowledge to increase happiness

I found all of these seven happy gems by doing New Warrior Training!

In particular this is what I got from the Mankind Project’s New Warrior weekend training and the optional weekly meetings;

a) The weekend helped me refine and develop my mission and purpose in life
b) The weekend helped me to love myself more.
c) Discuss my mission, goals and feelings on a weekly basis with wise, loving, friends
d) Make new friends and feel as close to them after 3 meetings as people I have known for years
e) Spent time every week with people where all emotional are welcome; mad, sad, bad, glad, shame etc
f) Learn new knowledge to help increase my happiness and live a joyful and meaningful life
g) Opportunity to help others increase their love and happiness and volunteer my time to create a happy loving world
h) I feel the weekly meetings are one of the best uses on my time one night a week.
i) I feel this is one of the best things I have done to benefit me and ultimately others
j) I like the love, support and hugs I get every week from other warriors
k) I enjoy the weekly meetings one night a week and no alcohol in sight!

Here are a few of my favourite quotes which inspire me;

“In 22 years as a professional footballer I reached some incredible emotional highs. I thought I had expercianced it all. I was wrong. Apart from the birth of my two children, the New Warrior Training Adventure was the most powerful, fantastic, inspiring experience of my life. I would urge every man to enrol. It will amaze you”
-Lee Dixon, Double League Winner, Former Arsenal & England Team Football Player

“Most people try to “control” their feelings and the way they do this is usually to move through the four R’s and resist, resent, reject and repress. Repressing your feelings does not eliminate them. Feelings never die. It takes a tremendous amount of emotional and physical energy to hold down your emotions.”
-Dr John Gray ‘What you feel you can heal’

“What we resist persists. The more we resist, the more stuck we become. And what we refuse to feel never goes away. When we summon the courage to release that resistance, we find joy.”
–Raphael Cushnir, author, ‘Unconditional Bliss: Finding happiness in the face of hardship’

“Beautiful people do not just happen.”
-Dr. Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross

Clinical Psychologist Dr Sophie Henshaw recently recommended MKP course to one of her clients.

“Today I spoke to a friend I had not spoken to for some time. We chatted about some development work he had done which was a great way for me to get around to telling him about MKP(Mankind Project).

I explained that in modern society we have perhaps lost male initiation. I described how the elders of tribes would take the young boys from their mothers and take them into the wild and initiate them. This would allow them the knowledge that there are greater forces than themselves and install into them the sacred wisdom of their tribe and society, thus making them warriors and of use as men. Without this the tribe would not be able to survive.

I then went onto explain how during the Victorian times women were put down. Now men are humble and scared and shamed to stand and express their anger, their primal urges and be the warriors we know we are inside.

The NWTA hits this square in the face and supports a global community of New Warriors who work from love and clear intention allowing us to continue the work into our lives and communities on a continual basis.

All of this is in my judgement.”
-Will McIntosh

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem

If you are happy, I think new warrior training will boost your happiness!
If you are unhappy, I think new warrior training will help!

It is my mission to create a world of love and happiness which is why I shared this information with you. If you are a man or woman I recommend this course. If you know a man or woman, I recommend sending them information about this course! Any questions, feel free to email me.

Some info;
a) MKP is a non profit organization!
b) I make no money from you doing the course!
c) If you do the full weekend training and want your money back you can!
d) Weekly meetings are free if you host them in someones house!

If interested in the New Warrior Training for men click here; http://www.mkp.org/ (USA)
http://uk.mkp.org/ (UK)

If interested in the New Warrior Training for women click here; http://www.womanwithin.org/


Keep positive!

Love & hug,

Very Happy Phil McNally, Author of ‘Winning Mentality’, Training; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Dr Russ Harris MD), Happier (Tal Ben-Shahar Ph.D.), Authentic Happiness (Prof Martin Seligman), Art of Happiness (Dr Howard Cutler MD), Happiness NOW (Dr Robert Holden PhD.), Happiness (Monk Mattiew Riccard) and New Warrior.

“Happy people have purpose, goals, self love, awareness and acceptance of emotions, happiness knowledge and supportive loving friends!”
– Very Happy Phil McNally

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