Transcend Your Limitations

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This is a post that describes the ManKind Project pretty well. Read on and sign up for the New Warrior Training Adventure.

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When you look in the mirror, really look hard, do you see the man you really want to be?
-- Feel stuck, trapped, jammed up?
-- Want to improve your relationship with your wife or your children?
-- Feel like you need support with what's going on in your life, but don't know where to find it?
-- Plenty of opportunities for beer with the boys, but trouble making real friends?
-- Looking for opportunities to take on leadership?
-- Life on an upswing and looking for a way to "give back"?

I invite you to the 'New Warrior Training' (NWTA) - take a good, hard look at your life – transcend your limitations -start a journey towards becoming more empowered and centered in your family, work and community.

Be welcomed into a community of men governed by honesty, integrity and a level of trust that most men never know.
Our values are:

Accountability & Integrity: A warrior
* Is fully accountable for his actions and their consequences
* stands up and takes full responsibility for his life
* steps forward as a man without apologizing for who he is
* has an open heart and compassionate mindfulness

Connection To Feelings: A warrior
* connects with his feelings with his feet on the ground
* can clarify his feelings and express those feelings directly and authentically
* balances the depth of his heart with the wisdom of his mind
* is authentic

Leadership: A warrior
* steps up to lead or mentor
* puts himself on the line and takes risks, with the courage to be vulnerable
* is fully alive and present
* gives his gifts to the world with a sense of purpose and clarity, with neither
apology nor arrogance
* steps into his relationships fully - he is
-- able to commit
-- able to be intimate
-- able to listen with his heart
-- able to speak his deepest truth
-- The Blessing of Elders

Elder men are
* valued as repositories of wisdom, strength and unconditional love.
* honored for the "grandfather energy" that only an elder can provide.

Elder men
* bless, counsel and gift younger men with the experience and learning they
have gathered though the years.


MKP (the organization behind the New Warrior Training Adventure) is a non-profit organization promoting men's support groups. MKP is in 9 countries worldwide. We have trained more than 40,000 men. It's all about helping men find purpose and directions in their lives.

The Wellington NWTA is September 26-28, at Camp Wainui, Coast Road, Wainuiomata. Here is some reference material about the weekend, about MKP, the non-profit organization behind the NWTA, and what other men have to say about the weekend:

About the training weekend:
Some writing and some videos from men that have been to the training:
About MKP NZ, and our community
We are all over the world:

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