Today, I post a repost of a MKP man Gregory Meyer's blog post about his experience in MKP.

Are you the starfish I will throw in the ocean, today?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


The Starfish Story

I am making the world a better place, one man at a time. I’m part of an international organization called The ManKind Project. More locally, I’m an active member in ManKind Project New England. We held a New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) this weekend. We initiated men.

What does this mean? We create a safe place for men to be themselves (maybe for the first time) and to work with some of the “stuff” that doesn’t truly work in their lives. We give men an opportunity to live from a place of integrity and accountability. We give men an opportunity to become empowered in their lives.

Simply stated, we all (men and women) have baggage. Some have more than others. Often and many times, this baggage gets in our way in our lives. Going through a NWTA weekend gives men the opportunity to look at this baggage in a new light. Whatever a man brings, it is welcome here.

Many men haven’t acknowledged a feeling for a very long time. We help them see this and offer them some skills to work with those feelings. Again, this can be a first for men. It’s wonderful to watch men peel back the layers, tear down the walls and get to the true beauty that lies within each of them.

This is the short course on what happens at an NWTA weekend. There’s much more to it. It’s beautiful and brilliant and transformative. I am passionate about this work. It makes a difference. I make a difference.

Most everyone has heard the story about a young man on a beach throwing starfish back into the ocean. If he doesn’t throw the starfish back in the ocean, the starfish will die. An older man tells the young man that he can’t possibly make a difference when there are miles and miles of beach with starfish all along it. In response, the young man throws another starfish in the ocean and says, “I made a difference to that one.”

I initiate men. I sit in a circle of men every Thursday night. I share my feelings. I model vulnerability. I model leadership. I help men see their blind spots. I help men see their shadows. I help men see their gold. I help men transcend their old beliefs to be more effective in their lives. I help men. I can’t reach all of them, but I can and do make a difference “to that one.”

With inspiration, humility and great love,

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