See What is There

When you look in the mirror, really look hard, do you see the man you really want to be?

This is a question we ask ourselves in the ManKind Project.

So I am asking you...are you satisfied with what you see? How does it feel to look into your own eyes and hold the gaze. What is there? What is not there?

I'll tell you from my experience, many men cannot and do not look at themselves in the mirror. Oh they may give themselves a glance here or there, but to stand with intention to look into your own eyes is pretty tough for most men.

Gonna try it? Look in the mirror and see what is there.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Brother, can i post this one on my blog?

    Land of my Grandfathers
    Apr '04

  2. Yes, dfish, please do, with attribution. Thanks.

    o-f wolf