Little Crow; Taoyateduta

I spent a good part of the weekend thinking about a man I knew and loved. His name was Little Crow and he has touched my life very deeply. To this day, his hands and heart guide me.

I met Little Crow shortly before my marriage in 1997. My best friend and I were looking for a spiritual person to marry us. One thing led to another and we found ourselves at the American Indian Church in Garden Grove, CA.

I was immediately touched by Little Crow’s honesty and reverence for all things. In the weeks to come he taught me about love, heart, honesty, reverence, hope, sacredness, connectedness, spirit, the four directions, elders, place, and time.

Little Crow has many writings that leave behind his passion and faith in his beliefs. You can find his Red Book here, and his Blue Book here.

Shortly before he died, he left the American Indian Church to move back to his native lands in Minnesota. I am glad he died there, among the land and air his ancestors walked and breathed.

His most enduring message to me was that with every breath I have a chance for change. Every time I breathe, I can take that moment and choose a way that is good and integral and loving, and make a difference with every thing I do.

A wonderful man, Thane Hake, wrote some beautiful songs about the American Indian Church and Little Crow. You can buy and hear Secrets of the Shaman and Many Faces here.

Little Crow…I remember you every day…with every breath. You live in my breath, my heart, my wife, my children, my very soul. You brought and bring joy to my world every day, with every breath.

Thank you for blessing me in this journey.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


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