Meebo and Me

Some of my regular readers (and you, too) may have noticed I have a Meebo chat window on this blog. The Meebo chat has been a really great tool for answering questions and hearing from men who are considering the ManKind Project and the New Warrior Training Adventure or are already involved in some way.

This morning, I logged into my IMs in Meebo to find the following message left for me:
¬ [20:53] meeboguest428598: You will be Judged by the Lord and Jesus Christ. We are coming to destroy the demon spirit that runs this foolish thing!
¬ [20:58] meeboguest428598: We know of the high ranking demon now that rules you fools. There is no running now. Accept Jesus now and he just may save your soul. I will pray for ya'll.

At first, I was just going to delete it and let it go. But, then I got to thinking about this for a minute. This is what MKP is all about...honoring your journey as a man and listening to you.

To the person who left this message let me say I honor your journey as person; may you be male or female.

I hear that you (actually you say "we," so I guess an angry Christian mob is coming my way) are going destroy me for running this foolish thing and that the Lord and Jesus are going to judge me. The Lord and Jesus are going to judge me? Bring 'em on. I am a good, loving, strong, honorable man with a heart as big as an ocean. They can judge me all they want...it's their stuff anyway.

What I judge is that you are angry and fearful. If you knew me and MKP, you would probably feel more at ease and be able to take your anger and fear and point it at some other innocent person or entity.

It is no secret who the high ranking demon is. I am not sure he is much of a runner, though. You should have no trouble catching him, as I imagine he is on his knees at this very moment hoping and praying that Jesus "may" save his soul. Of course, it is my understanding that if you want to have Jesus "save your soul," all you had to do was ask; no "may" about it. Jesus being a non-judgmental, all-loving, all-caring being, he would certainly save the souls of the high ranking demon and me.

And thanks for the prayers. I highly believe in prayer and its powers and I can use all the help I can get.

To you my friend, I wish you a safe and calm journey...and when the Lord and Jesus ask you why you were so angry and fearful, I hope you have an answer.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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