Four Quick NWTA Questions -- 3; Matt Seitzler

Number 3 in a series of New Warrior Training Adventure interviews of men in the ManKind Project.

I am posting these interviews to show how men experience the New Warrior Training Adventure.

Thank you, Matt!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Four Quick NWTA Questions

When and where was your NWTA?

September 10-12, 2006, at Camp Augusta, Nevada City, CA

What motivated you to attend the NWTA?

First, I wanted to have a moving experience to both celebrate the attainment of my Bachelor’s degree and continue my path of spirituality and self-awareness. Second, I wanted to learn more about the techniques the men in my I-Group were using to process their own issues as well as assist other men in the circle.

If a man asked you why he should attend, what would you tell him?

I would tell him to attend if he needed a new starting point in his life to begin living life in a way that tended toward balance or at least a more conscious awareness to the state of his own balance. Most importantly, I would say that a man should attend the NWTA if he feels it in his heart.

What keeps you in the ManKind Project?

These things, for me, are: the unique and powerful connection to a conscious and heartfelt community of men; a place to look at myself with the aid of other men; a place to express my spiritual connection with the earth; and an organization that supports me to challenge my vision of myself and to learn and grow. Other than those things I stay in the Mankind Project because I have always dreamed of something like this so I am living my dream by doing it.

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