Celebration of Men

After every NWTA, the NWTA staff and other area men and families get together to welcome the newly initiated men into the ManKind Project community of men. It is an celebration that never fails to bring joyful tears to those that attend.

Want to see what men look like after a training? Want to see the joy and wonder for yourself? Contact a local ManKind Project center and ask when the next celebration is. They will guide you.

See the post below for an article from a man who has not attended the training, but attended a post NWTA celebration.

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ManKind Project Celebration
By Francesca Cassini
Mankind Project Celebration on 28 September 2005

The Columbia Hotel, central London. A wet and windy Wednesday night. A group of over 30 men had just completed the New Warrior Training Adventure with the Mankind Project (MKP) and this was their celebration. I'd read a review by a journalist, spoken with Steve Cooper at MKP and even though I knew nothing about the actual events which took place on the Adventure, I had a deep sense that each man had undergone a profound experience.

As they chose to stand and address the audience (made up mainly of friends and family) their words came from their boots. They said they felt whole; rounded manhood; able to face the future with strength; confident they could care for the family; inspired to bring more love and peace into their community. One of the older participants hugged his son, ‘Now I've learned to talk about myself, you won't be able to shut me up,' he laughed.

The wives and girlfriends were encouraged to comment. One wife, babe in arms, smiled ‘I can be myself now without feeling judged; I can speak freely without worrying if my words are right or wrong'. Another young woman stroked her husbands face. She said she knew few real men in her life and now her beautiful husband was a man. Another said this is a gift to women - the gift of a man who knows and trusts in himself; willing to take responsibility for his actions; one who has accepted his strength - a man who has pulled down the barriers and now communicates from the heart.

These men looked like ordinary men. They also gave the impression they were trustworthy, they made me feel safe. I felt they had all become more than they believed they'd been. I had witnessed something important.



Cannot...my butt.

I am amazed at the greatness of the human spirit and the ways we still arrange ourselves to limit our greatness.

Professor Stephen W. Hawking has ALS and has for some forty years. Does he say cannot? It doesn't look like it to me.

Can you take a weekend to change your world and maybe erase a few "cannots"of your own?

Men are waiting!

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Hawking Flies Weightless Aboard Jet

April 26, 2007; By MIKE SCHNEIDER, Associated Press

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Free of his wheelchair and tethered only to heart rate and blood pressure monitors, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking on Thursday fulfilled a dream of floating weightless on a zero-gravity jet, a step he hopes leads to further space adventures.

The modified jet carrying Hawking, a handful of his physicians and nurses, and dozens of others first flew up to 24,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean off Florida. Nurses lifted Hawking and carried him to the front of the jet, where they placed him on his back atop a special foam pillow.

The jet then climbed to around 32,000 feet and made a parabolic dive back to 24,000 feet, allowing Hawking and the other passengers to experience weightlessness for about 25 seconds.

Hawking, a mathematics professor at the University of Cambridge who has done groundbreaking work on black holes and the origins of the universe, has the paralyzing disease ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

"As you can imagine, I'm very excited," Hawking told reporters before the flight. "I have been wheelchair bound for almost four decades. The chance to float free in zero-g will be wonderful."


Four Quick NWTA Questions -- 3; Matt Seitzler

Number 3 in a series of New Warrior Training Adventure interviews of men in the ManKind Project.

I am posting these interviews to show how men experience the New Warrior Training Adventure.

Thank you, Matt!

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Four Quick NWTA Questions

When and where was your NWTA?

September 10-12, 2006, at Camp Augusta, Nevada City, CA

What motivated you to attend the NWTA?

First, I wanted to have a moving experience to both celebrate the attainment of my Bachelor’s degree and continue my path of spirituality and self-awareness. Second, I wanted to learn more about the techniques the men in my I-Group were using to process their own issues as well as assist other men in the circle.

If a man asked you why he should attend, what would you tell him?

I would tell him to attend if he needed a new starting point in his life to begin living life in a way that tended toward balance or at least a more conscious awareness to the state of his own balance. Most importantly, I would say that a man should attend the NWTA if he feels it in his heart.

What keeps you in the ManKind Project?

These things, for me, are: the unique and powerful connection to a conscious and heartfelt community of men; a place to look at myself with the aid of other men; a place to express my spiritual connection with the earth; and an organization that supports me to challenge my vision of myself and to learn and grow. Other than those things I stay in the Mankind Project because I have always dreamed of something like this so I am living my dream by doing it.


What's After NWTA? (Integration Groups)

Life is what is after New Warrior Training Adventure!

OK, that's not very specific, but it is true for me. NWTA and MKP opened up so many avenues for me to see a world full of possibilities and challenges.

After the training, men may seat themselves in a circle of men known as Integration Groups, called iGroups for short. These groups serve the purpose of integrating what a man learns or starts learning at the training into his life. This can take many forms, and it does. Each man's "work," as we refer to it, is different from another man's work.

The groups are confidential and led by senior members. You may get a chance to sit in one of these circle. In my iGroup, we have guest nights that offer a man a chance to sit in our group to see if it works for him. In most iGroups, the man must complete the training to remain in the circle.

iGroups are local. In my center there are 42 iGroups. They may seat as many as 20 men, but the usual is 8-10 men per group.

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Meebo and Me

Some of my regular readers (and you, too) may have noticed I have a Meebo chat window on this blog. The Meebo chat has been a really great tool for answering questions and hearing from men who are considering the ManKind Project and the New Warrior Training Adventure or are already involved in some way.

This morning, I logged into my IMs in Meebo to find the following message left for me:
¬ [20:53] meeboguest428598: You will be Judged by the Lord and Jesus Christ. We are coming to destroy the demon spirit that runs this foolish thing!
¬ [20:58] meeboguest428598: We know of the high ranking demon now that rules you fools. There is no running now. Accept Jesus now and he just may save your soul. I will pray for ya'll.

At first, I was just going to delete it and let it go. But, then I got to thinking about this for a minute. This is what MKP is all about...honoring your journey as a man and listening to you.

To the person who left this message let me say I honor your journey as person; may you be male or female.

I hear that you (actually you say "we," so I guess an angry Christian mob is coming my way) are going destroy me for running this foolish thing and that the Lord and Jesus are going to judge me. The Lord and Jesus are going to judge me? Bring 'em on. I am a good, loving, strong, honorable man with a heart as big as an ocean. They can judge me all they want...it's their stuff anyway.

What I judge is that you are angry and fearful. If you knew me and MKP, you would probably feel more at ease and be able to take your anger and fear and point it at some other innocent person or entity.

It is no secret who the high ranking demon is. I am not sure he is much of a runner, though. You should have no trouble catching him, as I imagine he is on his knees at this very moment hoping and praying that Jesus "may" save his soul. Of course, it is my understanding that if you want to have Jesus "save your soul," all you had to do was ask; no "may" about it. Jesus being a non-judgmental, all-loving, all-caring being, he would certainly save the souls of the high ranking demon and me.

And thanks for the prayers. I highly believe in prayer and its powers and I can use all the help I can get.

To you my friend, I wish you a safe and calm journey...and when the Lord and Jesus ask you why you were so angry and fearful, I hope you have an answer.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Pruning and Men's Work

I live in Northern California and we just rode out a big storm.

Life is better for the trees now; all trimmed and pruned of old dead and weak branches.

It reminds me of the work I do in my ManKind Project iGroup.

I look at the dead branches that no longer serve me...prune them off... make room for new growth.

Sounds easy, right? Not so much. I have to own my dead branches and really look at how they have served me. Did they? Well, of course in some fashion they did; good or bad. Pruning them can be pretty hard work. Some are big, thick, gnarly-ass branches that I just can't seem to cut through. Others appear thick, but are really weak and ready for pruning. Sometimes the thin ones are really tough, too.

In the end I am a better, stronger, more flexible tree. I can lean into the wind and weather the next storm.

This is men's work. Are you ready? Step up; I will be there.

I'm out.
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Being of Service to the World

One of the defining characteristics of a ManKind Project man is his mission of service to the world. On any given day, MKP men are out using the skills and heart they have to change the world. For a look at a few of these men and their honored missions, see Missions of Service.

My mission is to create world of love by being loving. What is yours?

I'm out.
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