What Has Gone Undiscovered

I am fascinated with the Mars Rover program that landed some 45 months ago on Mars.

Could it be that the rovers, that were supposed to last only three months, are simply indestructible. Not likely.

But, it is s very special to think that in the time that they have driven at a snail-like pace a combined 11.7 miles we have seen a great deal of life pass by here on Earth.

Forty-five months is a long time. In that time, my new baby girl was conceived and born, I changed jobs, I saw my oldest girl get married, my Marine son-in-law completed two tours in Iraq (and will return next week back home, in one piece), I reached ten wonderful married years with my sweet partner, I created a new iGroup in my town, and another three thousand men have gone through the New Warrior Training Adventure.

All the while, these two little machines are busy trundling around the Mars surface discovering what has since gone undiscovered.

In that time, I wonder what you discovered about you. Did you discover that you need the friendship of, mentorship of, and community of men you can trust?

Come with me and discover what has gone undiscovered.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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