Journey of Tears; We Will Not Turn Away

This post is particularly wonderful. A ManKind Project man in the Northern California center wrote this wonderful piece. I urge you to read the entire piece.

This post goes well with my on-going posts on staffing the November Northern California NWTA.

In his words:

"I wrote this immediately after my first staffing. My rookie staffing (9-03) was TEN TIMES more powerful than my “going thru” in 9-02...It was the most healing event of my life, as I finally realized that I now had the opportunity to step beyond and truly make a difference, and have a legacy of doing something truly worthwhile rather than simply living a life of buying toys and having adventures."

The New Warrior Training Adventure and ManKind Project change men's lives. Simple as that.

Are you ready to risk change? Are you ready to stand with men who will see you and honor you and hold space for your change?

The time is now.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Journey of Tears

By Rick Canham; Manhawk, Shadow Warrior; Camp Krem, Sep 02

Wounded Soul, Empty of Spirit, A Man Stands Alone, It is His Time, One Step Forward, And Across the Carpet, in the Eyes of Another Man, he Sees the Powerful Presence of Connection and Strength, and he Begins to Feel Trust, Allowing him to Descend into the Abyss, Where in the Cold and Dark, on the Journey of Tears, He Will Face His Own Fear, Touch His Own Pain, and Challenge His Current Reality. Finally in His Moment of Truth, he Finds in Himself, the Power of Choice, and His Future, No Longer held Hostage and Forfeit to His Past. Now, Victorious and yet Humbled, He Will Forever Enjoy Proudly and Without Shame, the Salty Taste of his Own Tears as they Become, The River, in which He Will Cleanse His Newly Reborn Soul. Tears that Will Speak of His Connection to Self, and to All, and Hard Earned, they Will Not be Hidden from View, Nor Offered up, Apologetically as Weakness. They are Honored now, Shared Without Restriction, and Show his Willingness and Courage, to Guide and to Live, His Own Destiny Celebrate His Own Future, from this Moment Forward …

And Now, His Powerful Tears will say to Another Man “Trust Me, You Are Seen”, and as your Brother Warrior, I Would Be Honored to Stand Beside You, as You Journey into the Darkness, to Face Whatever Pain or Fear Lurks Within...

My Blood to Your Blood, My Soul to Your Soul, We Journey Together, You Are not Alone, And I Will Not Turn Away, Let Us Become One, and Powerful, and When Finally Beyond the Darkness, to the Safety of the Light and Warmth, We Will Dance, We Will Sing, We Will Laugh, For as Men, We have Shared a Journey Together...We Are Brothers, Never to be Alone Again, No Longer to be Separate, Lost Islands, in the River of Tears...Now as We Look to Each Other, We Feel the Strength of Our Connection, the Good of Our Dreams, and Together in Battle, We Found the Courage to Stand Before and to Face the Unknown in the Darkness...

True Power, and We Will Need It All, as in the Distance, Another Man Approaches, Hesitantly, His Shadow Large in Pain and Fear, and He Knows Not, Yet, that He is Safe With Us, And No Longer Alone. He Knows Not, Yet, that We, United, Will Now Stand Beside Him, and With Fierce Loving Support, Share his Journey and his Struggle, and that We Honor his Courage and Resolve to Reach Within, Challenge his Past, Touch his Future, and that We Will Now and Forever Be Known to him as, Brothers, in the Spirit of Loyal and Loving Strength...

And Finally, A Renewed Man, Opens his Eyes and his Heart, Breathes Life into his New Self, and His Dreams take Firm Root in a Future of His Own Choosing, and He Now Understands, And Quietly, Gently, He Nods, Grounded in His Own Power and Belief, A Fierce New Warrior Emerges, and He Now Turns, His Heart and His Hand, Offered, and He Now takes His Place in a Long Line of Brothers, and He, Will Make a Difference...

Far in the Distance, and Deep in Shadow, the Voice of yet Another Man, Cries Soulfully, Into the Dark, “ I Am Lost, Please Help Me “......and We Breathe Deeply in Resolve, We Await His Coming, We Stand Strong, and We Are Ready, and He is No longer Alone, and We Will Not Turn Away, We Will Not Turn Away...

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