Men and Community

What moves me today is the gratefulness I feel toward my community of men called the ManKind Project.

Outside of my weekly iGroup, I spend Monday lunch time with men who are either interested in the New Warrior Training Adventure or men in the ManKind Project community. I enjoy the time to connect with these men and to reconnect with my needs and wants as a man.

I need time to talk about just regular stuff and these lunches are great for that. I get to get caught up on other families and other men's lives. We talk about what our life is and where it's going.

A couple days ago we honored a man who had been through his New Warrior Training Adventure weekend the day before. We welcomed him back and heard his stories and shared our stories about our New Warrior Training Adventure.

I feel grateful to have these men in my life.

I want you to know, as well, that the New Warrior Training Adventure is just a small part of what is available to a man in the MKP.

Come and sit with us; sit with men who care about an nurture community.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf