Total Accountability Day

" 'Today I am accountable for everything I do and every word I utter. It's my responsibility. ' Try it one day. Mark it on your calendar. Draw a circle around one day next week and declare it Total Accountability Day. Don't blame anybody for anything and take total responsibility for everything that happens that day."

Little Crow, 1933-2004; from The Sacred Hill Within, ISBN: 0-9635440-5-5


I'm not quite sure I can add anything to this. Except maybe get off you ass and take responsibility for your situation in the world.

Now that's easy for me to say but not always so easy to do. I still blame others for my fate in life. I still look outward for my inward answers. Where I get some great support for looking at taking responsibility is in my ManKind Project integration group.

The men there are honest and have great intention. Sometimes they get swept up in their stuff too. But we roll along and try to support everybody in their work.

Get to the training; you'll know why when you get there.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Great post, always good to hear about taking total responsibility. Keep up the great work. :-)

    Glorious Cheetah

  2. I am glad you encourage us readers to take responsibility for ourselves, I can resonate with that very well. Not taking responsibility for our actions is creating a lot of pain in others. I am trying to learn how to communicate nonviolently and this is one of the principles. I am very interested in your blog and I am glad you are writing about the MKP. Thank you