Cult Rant

It is amazing how many people use "cult" and "ManKind Project" in the same Internet search. It happens all the time. Maybe thirty percent of the hits this blog gets are from searches using cult and MKP together.

So what comes up for me is that men are somehow getting the message that ManKind Project may be a cult.

Well, that's just a bunch of crap. I can't imagine a more non-cult organization.

MKP fosters:
  • Men to follow their path and not someone else's
  • Living in integrity with word and mission
  • Opening a man's space to seeing the world around him; quite opposite to many men's view
  • Listening to the man to hear him and help him reach his desires and goals
  • Community service by way of a man's mission in the world
  • Relationship healing by giving men a place to explore what keeps them separate and how to heal that separation
  • An environment of learning, healing, and honoring through brotherhood
Cult, my butt. MKP is not a cult. Period.

To those who say that MKP is a cult and that I would only defend it because I can't see that it is -- I am willing to bet you don't have first hand experience with a cult (so you wouldn't know one if you saw it) and I am willing to bet you only believe what someone has told you (not your first-hand knowledge; probably not theirs either).

Give yourself permission to get past the fear and jump into being the man you dream of being.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Rory Bowman8/08/2007

    The main person who wants to associate MKP's with cults is Rick Ross, a self-educated "cult expert" whose "Cult Information Database" contains data on such groups as Promise Keepers and the Burning Man arts festival in Nevada.

    Without a large supply of cults to lecture on and protect people from, Rick Ross is just another high-school graduate from New Jersey.

    I don't think anyone of much consequence takes him seriously.

  2. A writer I have a lot of respect for, Issac Bonewits, developed the Advanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame as a guideline to detemine if groups are cults, based on 18 factors.

    Another author that has a good determination criteria is Steven Hassan, who has a list of 12 criteria on his website.

  3. Interesting... I didnt think anything of the sort initially but have read articles to that effect...

    Knowledge is power, so I am happy to have all this information! '


    PS I will have a peek around your blog to see what other info I can get. =]