A Significant Event

This post illustrates the difference between a boy-mind and man-mind.

The trouble is many men are not dwelling in a man-mind; they are still living the boy-mind.

The ManKind Project takes men who have not had this opportunity and brings them into man space using the New Warrior Training Adventure.

I feel hopeful that there are many of these boy-to-man type initiations. Maybe one day the ManKind Project will no longer need to initiate boy-men into men.

Wouldn't that be wonderful.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

From Pathways Foundation; a group in Australia initiating boys to men.

Difference between Boy and Man Psychology

Boy Psychology
  • I seek acknowledgment
  • I want it all for me
  • Power is for my benefit
  • I am the centre of the universe
  • I believe I am immortal
  • I take no responsibility for my actions
  • I want a mother

Healthy Man Psychology
  • I seek that which I believe in
  • I share with my community
  • Power is for the good of all
  • I am just part of the universe
  • I know I am mortal
  • I take full responsibility for my actions
  • I want relationship with a woman

The shift from boy to man psychology is not one that occurs naturally. The difference in the two are so fundamental that a significant event is required for this to happen. It is the role of the elders within the community to create such an event or there is a risk that boy psychology will persist into adulthood.

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