Sacred--Not Secret

Today, I sat with a man who completed the New Warrior Training Adventure over this last weekend. He attended a ManKind Project open house that I hosted a few weeks back and has sat in my iGroup twice since the open house.

It was joy to hear one thing in particular. He was very pleased that I had not told him anything about how the weekend would go. He went in with his own notions and not any of mine. He told me that he found this one thing to be very important. Had I told him what to expect or some of what happens, I would have polluted his experience; hence it would have been partially based on my experience.

The weekend processes and ways are not a secret; we don't hold them as secret. We do hold them as sacred, and that is very different. Sacred is, as define by Merriam Webster, highly valued and important. We hold that your weekend is yours and not for me or any other man to decide how it should go.

If you decide that the training is right for you, don't ask another man who has been through the training to tell you about what goes on there...he won't tell you.

And it should be that way.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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