Fallen Firefighters

Thank you men, for your service and sacrifice.

Top row; L to R: Bradford 'Brad' Baity, 37, Capt. Mike Benke, 49, Melvin Champaign, 46.
Middle row; L to R: James 'Earl' Drayton, 56, Michael French, 27, Capt. William 'Billy' Hutchinson, 48.
Bottom row; L to R: Mark Kelsey, 40, Capt. Louis Mulkey, 34, Brandon Thompson, 27.

This touches a place in me that, had I not chosen to sit in a circle of men, I would not have access to. Their place as public protectors is an honorable occupation. I feel deeply saddened at the loss of these men.

One of the men that sits in my iGroup is a firefighter. I honor him, today, for his service to the community and me.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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