The New Warrior Code

Today's post comes from the former chairman of the ManKind Project, Curtis Mitchell.

I welcome and honor his words.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


The New Warrior Code

By Curtis Mitchell, ManKind Project International Chairman, 2003-2007

The New Warrior respects and dignifies the suffering of others. Only then can respect and dignity be had. Only then will the New Warrior learn to dignify and respect the personal self.

The New Warrior refuses to exploit the vulnerability of others.

The New Warrior takes responsibility for his personal suffering, and therefore takes responsibility for his conduct, word and deed, victim and perpetrator, fore going blame of others.

The New Warrior asks questions, seeks the truth, and seeks to understand, learning to speak to each as they need to be spoken to.

The shield of the New Warrior is held over the fallen, and thus held over himself as well.

The sword of the New Warrior is wielded only in the way he knows he can heal the cut he makes.

The quest of a New Warrior is the quest for a conscience, for only in conscience is there true agreement about what should be.

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