The Gift in Arizona

Today we look at a great program in the Arizona Mankind Project Center where the New Warrior Training Adventure is attended for no fee.

Read on and stop putting off the training because you don't think you can afford it.

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From Warrior Space; MKP Arizona's Community Place

Imagine a time when the NWTA is available for ANY man to attend... Imagine a time when every MKP Center is filling weekends with 40+ men... Imagine a time when there is such a demand for the NWTA that centers worldwide are holding 10, 12, or even more trainings per year to accommodate the demand...

Imagine inviting a man to the next weekend and when he asks, "what is the registration cost" and you say, "you do not pay for your weekend, another man has paid for you already". Imagine what you can do without dealing with that money shadow!

This is my vision of what the power of the GIFT program that we are developing in AZ has. The GIFT program is simple. There is no cost to attend a Arizona NWTA (New Warrior Training Adventure). Upon completion of the weekend, each man is asked to support the next man on the next NWTA. The support is based on what the man got out of the weekend and what he can give.

There have been three GIFT weekends in Arizona in 2006 and 2007. The next one is in April.

The GIFT committee is working to tweek and adjust the program a little more every weekend, to make it as successful as possible. The committee was formed prior to the January weekend on Mt. Lemmon, and we are very pleased with the results. Coming into our second GIFT weekend as a committee we are planning on another success!

This program is NOT just for the council and the GIFT committee, but for the Arizona community as a whole. We all need to be supporters of the program as we talk about the weekend and enroll the men in our lives. It will take the commitment of all of us to see this program grow into something that is sustainable.

I was thinking this morning as I was driving to the grocery store, what would happen if every man in our community gave just $10 a month to the GIFT program. I know I spend far more than $10 a month on needless stuff! Imagine how many men could be paid for with something so small... It's about thinking out of the box. It's about commitment to this work. It's about creating a world of men living in mission. Imagine... WOW!

I invite any man in the community or elsewhere to get involved in the GIFT program. There are many ways you can help! It's exciting, and it's building momentum! We have already been contacted by several centers to find out how we're doing it, and I've heard buzz from a few others. Change is happening!

In Service, Roger Webb

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