Four Quick NWTA Questions -- 2; Agustin Gurule

Number 2 in a series of New Warrior Training Adventure interviews of men in the ManKind Project.

I am posting these interviews to show how men experience the New Warrior Training Adventure.

Thank you, Agustin!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Four Quick NWTA Questions

When and where was your NWTA?

March 2002, Camp Krem in Northern California

What motivated you to attend the NWTA?

While working on a men's retreat planning committee I witnessed a man on the committee who is a New Warrior. I admired his insight and demeanor. I wanted that for myself. I asked him where he got that. He invited me to the next NWTA.

If a man asked you why he should attend, what would you tell him?

You should attend if you want to transform your life to be the man you have always wanted to be. Attend if you want to take personal control of your own life NOW IN THE MOMENT instead of living based on your childhood coping mechanisms. Attend to experience what it is like to actually feel all your emotions.

What keeps you in the ManKind Project?

I keep attending my weekly meeting with my circle of other New Warriors because they mirror for me what I must do on a week to week basis if I am to be fully conscious, full awake in my life.

I keep volunteering to staff NWTAs because of the sheer joy I get out of my own personal growth and the transformation that I see in the men attending each NWTA.

I am a blessing to other men as they bless me. That is why I stay.

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