MKP in Florida

In the ManKind Project, there are over 120 New Warrior Training Adventures in 2007. This is one of them, in Florida (USA).

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Third Annual New Warrior Training Adventure To Be Held In March at Orange Springs Retreat

From Fast Pitch Press

It's time for men to apply to participate in the New Warrior Training Adventure to be held in March in Orange Springs, Florida.

Men from all walks of life are invited to attend an experiential training weekend to be held in March here in Florida.

The New Warrior Training Adventure, sponsored by the ManKind Project of Florida, will be held Friday, Mar. 2 through Friday, Mar. 4, 2007 at the Orange Springs Retreat in western Putnam County. Cost for the weekend is $650; an initial deposit of $150 is required to register for the weekend.

"The New Warrior Training Adventure is a great way for men to look inside at what's working and what could be working better in their lives," said Dave Perez, community director of the ManKind Project of Florida. "If there are men out there who are searching for a new way to live life, a means of improving relationships with the people they love, and a whole new perspective on leadership, this training will challenge men to look inside at the things that may be holding them back from excellence."

The NWTA is offered regularly across the U.S. and in other countries, including Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany and South Africa. Since its inception in 1984 in Milwaukee, more than 35,000 men around the world have experienced the NWTA, a training designed as a modern equivalent of the initiation rites that traditional societies use to mark the transition into manhood.

The ManKind Project is a supportive network that encourages leadership, staying power, self-knowledge, comradeship, integrity, connection to feeling, and strong ties to family and community. Almost every weekend brings another training somewhere in the world, led by a small team of highly experienced men and a volunteer staff of local men.

NWTA graduates who want to continue the personal work that they began on the weekend are invited to join small Integration Groups, which meet weekly or biweekly. Some “I-Groups” have lasted for ten or twelve years or longer.

Many MKP members have gone beyond their personal work with service projects in their communities, therefore, bringing to life the Project’s slogan of “changing the world one man at a time.” Some of these service projects the ones in prisons, for example are very dramatic; projects that focus on youth groups or soup kitchens tend to be quieter, but no less significant.



I say the following with sadness in my voice; anger; tears welling in my heart and eyes; I say the words slowly, quietly, and drawn out:

So here we are again; another young man goes berserk and shoots up whatever he can.


When will we learn that teaching our children to belittle, hate, beat up, pick on, and abuse in any way another person is not acceptable. Of course we will have to stop showing them that it is alright to do it when we are adults, won't we?

I do not see blame here; only another chance to correct what can be corrected.

It is time to reconsider teaching our children that it is alright to make up reasons to go to war; that it is alright to swear at someone for cutting us off in traffic; that it is alright to laugh at another's misfortune; that we need guns to solve problems; that we need to fear another because they are different; that most everything is made into a competition; that we need to create media that teaches fear, anger, hate, violence, self doubt, and horror.

It is time to stand up for being fair and understanding; for walking in another's shoes; for listening to the words unspoken; to hear the pain of another and not shy away.

The time is now.

Make the change now, before it is too late.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf