Time to Revel

Time to revel in the joy of this work!

Last week, a man e-mailed me that he had read this blog and was signed up to attend a New Warrior Training Adventure this last weekend.

I wished him well and wondered what the world would be like for him on Monday. I hoped to hear back from him. Monday came and went and I decided to let it roll. He would contact me if he felt the need.

He got back to me yesterday and these are his words reprinted here with permission:

Old-faithful Wolf-
I am back from the weekend.
I am a changed man.
As a man among men I am forgiveness.
It is such an incredible gift I have received.
A profound sense of peace and power I feel.
I am no longer alone and in pain.
-Michael (Desert Snake)

Ahhhhh, the joy of hearing a man get what I got from the New Warrior Training Adventure; the joy of knowing another man has stepped into change and into the present; the joy of changing me, men, and the world--one blog post at a time.

Jump in, my brothers. The time is now.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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  1. Anonymous4/03/2007

    God I love hearing stories like this. It still amazes me how universal the process is- it works for moast everyone, everywhere. This mans email brought tears to my eyes.

    Camp Tanadoona, MN Nov. 2000