So, What Did You Do

It's not easy telling you what the New Warrior Training Adventure is like. Of course the training is different for every man; but it goes beyond that. If you are willing it is life changing.

Try it.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


From "So, What Did You Do?" by Mark McElroy

I continue to process the events of the New Warrior weekend, and to determine their impact on me.

Today -- my first day back at work -- many people want to know about the experience. "What did you do? Did you run naked through the woods? Did you dance around a fire? Did you wear war paint? Did you fall backwards into people's arms to learn about trust?" Other friends want to know what my "Indian name" is, or whether I brought them back a handmade wallet or a pair of moccasins.

Answering their questions without revealing confidential details of the weekend poses a challenge. Inspired by a comment made by one of the men I met this weekend, I finally say, "Going on the weekend is a lot like being on Survivor. You face physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional challenges, and you work as both an individual and a member of a team. But instead of bringing home a million bucks, the prize is learning something important about yourself."

The answer works. People nod. They picture me on a desert island, unshaven and sun-burned, eating worms and winning races to achieve self-actualization.

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