Mentoring Boys into Men

"As I point out in the Man-Making book, I'm of the opinion that until a man steps into the ancient role of mentor for a boy or boys, there is a hole in his mature masculinity. Something critical in him goes undeveloped. A man can pretend his life needs to be all about him, wearing a tie or serious expression, but until he accepts his responsibility to guide the next generation of boys into manhood, he's not fully "grown up." He's living in the land of "neverty."

The premise of the book, The Peter Pan Syndrome, by Dan Kiley is the same. Too many men are inhabiting a place where, consciously or not, they are refusing the obligations of manhood.

Showing up for boys is one of the ways men can begin to self-initiate themselves into a full and responsible manhood. Until they do, the men will remain stuck in "neverty," that place between boyhood and manhood. Both they and the boys who need them will remain lost on their mutual journey to manhood."

Earl Hipp; from Man-Making; Men Helping Boys on their Journey to Manhood


Leading boys into manhood is akin to leading men into manhood. It is absolutely mandated in our genetic makeup that a boy steps out of being a boy and into being men. Those boys and boy-men who were not initiated and mentored into manhood are left to wonder and flounder in an ever more complicated world filled with pitfalls.

Is it time for you to step into your manhood? The time is now.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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