Four Quick NWTA Questions -- 1; Reid Baer

Number 1 in a series of New Warrior Training Adventure interviews of men in the ManKind Project.

I am posting these interviews to show how men experience the New Warrior Training Adventure.

Thank you, Reid!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Four Quick NWTA Questions

When and where was your NWTA?

February 1995, Sunrise Ranch in San Diego, CA

What motivated you to attend the NWTA?

My older brother recommended it. I did it for him. Then somewhere during my I-Group PIT cycle I remember coming to an “ah ha” where I knew I needed to make a commitment – for myself – to do my own personal work for the rest of my life.

If a man asked you why he should attend, what would you tell him?

First, I would ask him what is working in his life and what is not working. Then I would tell him that there’s a place where he and other men share whatever is going on in their life. It’s an accountability group, and a support group. I’d tell him I’ve been involved with the organization for a dozen years, and I’ve never found a better place where I can find men to trust who will help me with my deepest personal work.

What keeps you in the ManKind Project?

I’ve stayed because of the skills I continue to develop … I keep learning everyday by being an initiated man. Also, I like this network that introduces me to strange and wonderful men – inside and outside the Project. I get to have a local community, and an international one. Finally, I get to bring my writing gifts to this Project, and be blessed to help facilitate the talents of others. I get to live my mission in The ManKind Project.

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