I have a very special mirror in my house. It was made by New Warrior man and it holds my New Warrior Training Adventure talisman when I am not wearing it. It is a circle of clay around a mirror of maybe eight inches. I can only see my face in it.

I look into that mirror when I take the talisman down. I am reminded of the words that are painted around it, "as a man among men," and I remember my place in the circle of men that is the ManKind Project.

So I want you to look in the mirror, the next time you do, and really take a look.

Look at the man you see there. Can you look at him with honor and compassion, love and trust?

Are you old enough to see your father's lines in your face; can you see them with eyes of knowing and empathy?

When will you be able to look at this man, yourself, and a honor him for his choices, good and bad, smart and dull, weak and strong?

In the ManKind Project, men are encouraged to look at what is working in their lives and not working in their lives. Men are asked to look at themselves and then they are guided to take hold of both and resolve them so that they can lead lives of integrity, compassion, and honor.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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